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Introducing: The Plesk Control Panel


The interface we have been working in up until now is called the Admin Panel, which is where administrative functions of the server are carried out. To work with an individual subscription, you will need to be signed into its Control Panel. If you have been following along, there is a link on the Subscription Properties page named Open in Control Panel that sign you into the Control Panel for the customer that owns the subscription. However, if you need to find this link again, it's in the Domains listing, in the Subscriptions listing, and in the Customers listing. Click any one these links in the Subscription Properties page to sign into the Control Panel.

At the top of the page, right under the Logged in as line, there is a reminder of which subscription you are viewing. When there is more than one Subscription on the account, a dropdown box will be here so that you can move between the subscriptions associated with a Customer's account. If you click the link in the Customers listing, you will be directed to the primary Subscription for the account, and if you click on the link associated with a domain or a Subscription, you will be directed to the appropriate Subscription instead.

As a side note, there is a third Plesk mode called the PowerUser Panel that is a combination between the Admin Panel and the Control Panel. In this mode, you only see accounts that are directly under the Admin user or are added to the Admin user's webspace. We won't be covering this mode because it's best used only in certain situations and disables several features we will be using. However, some people prefer this mode and you may see it from time to time.

Most importantly, you should keep in mind that any settings you change in the Control Panel affect the entire Subscription and not just one domain on it. All the domains on a single subscription should be manageable as a single group, so if you decide to have more than one domain per subscription, be aware that it's not possible to manage the settings of just one domain on it.

As we look at each tab, click on it and familiarize yourself with the page. Don't make any changes yet because we will be covering them later, but you should have a general sense of where to find a feature in the panel because this is likely where you will be spending most of your time managing your websites.

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