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How to Park a Domain on an Addon Domain

You can park a domain on an addon domain in cPanel by completing the following steps:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Domains section, click Addon Domains.
  3. In the New Domain Name field, type the domain name you wish to park on top of your addon domain.
    Note: Once you have entered a domain name, the Subdomain and Document Root fields will automatically populate.
  4. In the Document Root field, erase everything and enter the document root for the addon domain on which you are parking the domain. You can find the document root for the appropriate addon domain in the table under Modify Addon Domain.
  5. Enter a password in the password field. (You won't need to remember this password, so feel free to use the Password Generator button.)
  6. Click Add Domain.

Your domain will now be parked on your addon domain!

Domain Already Exists Error

Error from domain wrapper: Domain already exists, it was not added.: example.domain.com

This error can occur when trying to park a domain on an addon domain and could be due to one of two reasons:

  1. The domain being added has already been added and therefore already exists. In order to correct this, you will need to delete the domain from your addon domains, parked domains or subdomains before proceeding.
  2. The subdomain being created already exists. When this happens, you can manually change the subdomain which cPanel automatically generated for your addon domain.
    • For example, if you are trying to park example.com on example.com.au, cPanel will autofill the Subdomain/FTP Username field with example which may already exist. Simply change this value to a new variation, like exampleau.