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How to Make a Website


With modern site builders it is easier than ever to build your own web site in just a few clicks, but building a good website can be much more involved than many people expect if they are not already experienced with web design.

If you have never built a website before, you can do it, and we recommend you try! Our design team builds hundreds of websites per year for businesses and individuals, and they have compiled a guide with hard-earned and time-tested advice that will help keep you on track when building your site:

  1. Plan the Layout and Content for Your Site
  2. Create Your Website
  3. Revise to Improve Visitor Confidence and Effectiveness

After completing the steps above, you'll have made your first website, and so it's important to say:


Congratulate yourself on completing your website!

You've started the first steps down the path of becoming a web designer. You'll continue to grow as a designer as you evolve your website through active revision and regularly consider theme or template changes to keep your site relevant.

If you have technical issues, you can contact us via phone or Live Chat for assistance.

If you get overwhelmed by the design process, HostGator offers professional services ranging from WordPress consulting and training all the way up to full service website management and professional SEO services. The following article has additional information: