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HostGator Style for cPanel

The HostGator cPanel theme has new look that adds features and renames some of the tools you're familiar with. This article will cover the changes as well as how to utilize the recent addition.

HostGator cPanel Theme
Paper LanternHostGator Paper Lantern Theme

New Features

HostGator Marketplace

This area offers site builders, themes, plugins, one-click installs, professional design services, and many more services. More information about HostGator Marketplace can be found within the following article:

HostGator Marketplace
Site Publisher

Quickly generate a website based off predesigned templates using information that you provide to build the site.

  1. Pick the domain you wish to add a site to.
    Step 1 in Site Publisher
  2. Select one of the predesigned templates.
    Step 2 in Site Publisher
  3. Provide the requested information to proceed with publishing your site.
    Step 3 in Site Publisher
SSH Access

Generates a public key authentication for SSH access. For more information on SSH keys please see the following article:

SSH Access
User Manager

Allows you to create a user to access a domain via FTP, and Web Disk as well as setting up an email address with the newly created username.

HostGator Paper Lantern Theme

Renamed and Moved Features

Old NameNew NameCurrent Category
HostGator Website BuilderWebsite BuilderSpecial Offers
Payment Sphere Merchant ServicesApplied MerchantSpecial Offers
FTP Session ControlFTP ConnectionsFiles
Parked DomainsAliasesDomains
ForwardersEmail ForwardersEmail
Account-Level FilteringEmail FiltersEmail
User-Level FilteringGlobal Email FiltersEmail
Import Addresses and ForwardersAddress ImporterEmail
Email AuthenticationAuthenticationEmail
Choose Log ProgramsMetrics EditorMetrics
Weebly Site Builder*WeeblySoftware
CGI Center*Site SoftwareSoftware
Index Manager*IndexesAdvanced
Network Tools*Track DNSAdvanced
Website Templates*TemplatesSpecial Offers
Password Protect Directories*Directory PrivacyFiles
GnuPG Keys*EncryptionEmail
Image Manager*ImagesFiles
PHP Configuration*PHP SelectorSoftware
Features marked with * were previously located in another category.