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Defining a New Site - Dreamweaver CS5


Start a new project in Dreamweaver CS5 by defining a new site, activating Dreamweaver's ability to resolve links, check related files, and manage assets. To get started, all you need is the root directory location and site name.

How to Create a New Site

To create a new site:

  1. On the Dreamweaver welcome screen, locate the Create New column.
  2. Click the Dreamweaver Site.


  1. Go to the Site menu.
  2. Select New Site.


  1. In the Files panel, click the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Manage Sites.

Site Setup

Once you've created a new site, the Site Setup menu will appear. There are four categories to configure within the menu:

  1. Site - In this category, users can specify or define their site by completing the two fields:
    • Site Name - the general name of the site
    • Local Site Folder - the local file path where the site's folder can be found
    Once these two fields are completed, click Save to define your site.
  2. Servers - In this category, users can configure access to the remote server of their choosing.
  3. Version Control - In this category, users can set up the varying versions of their site.
  4. Advanced Setting - In this category, users can choose from various options for alternative sourcing root folders and spry settings.

Getting Started Tutorials

Dreamweaver is a popular Adobe program for creating websites and applications.  It supports HTML5, CSS3, PHP, FTP, jQuery, and more, and it works with HostGator web hosting.

You can learn more about Dreamweaver by visiting Adobe's website or the Dreamweaver Tutorials learning portal.

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