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Email Setup for Thunderbird 91

  • Make sure you've added the email account in your cPanel.
  • Before setting up your email in Thunderbird, make sure that your email address has been added to cPanel. Check this article:  How Do I Create Email Accounts in cPanel? 
  • Thunderbird 91 can be downloaded from and set up as an upgrade from Thunderbird version 78 or earlier. 

How to Setup Your Email in Thunderbird 91

For the first-time setup, proceed to step 2. To set up an email on Thunderbird:

  1. Launch Thunderbird then, go to Tools, and select Account Settings, then Add Account.
  2. On the Set Up Your Existing Email Address page,  do the following:

    Thunderbird setup existing email page

    • Type your Full Name (this will be your display name on every email sent).
    • Enter your Email address and its Password. You have the option to check the box to remember your password.
    • Select the Configure Manually link.
  3. Fill out the incoming and outgoing server information. You can check this article to get your server information: What is My Server Address?

    Thunderbird manual setup page

    • In the Incoming Server, select POP or IMAP
    • Enter your incoming port
    • Select connection type. SSL/ TLS is recommended
    • The username is your email address.
    • In the Outgoing server, make sure to select No Authentication Method from the dropdown.
    • Enter your outgoing port
  4. Click Done.
You can also check Mozzila Thuderbird's documentation: Set Up an Email.