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Add Flash to Your Weebly Website

Weebly allows you to add basic SWF Flash images to your site. Aside from the video player, this is the only method for adding any sort of Flash animation to a site in Weebly. While using Flash in Weebly is somewhat limited in its scope, there are some advanced options that allow you some degree of flexibility.

Considerations & Restrictions Concerning Flash

Flash Based Sites

Weebly is not meant to be used for the creation of Flash sites as it is primarily intended for HTML development. So these elements should be used to enhance your site and not serve as the foundation for it.

If you would like to build a Flash-based website, you may wish to consider using Trendy Site Builder instead.

Independent SWF

When you add a Flash file to your site, it must be an independent SWF (meaning that it must be able to play without the support of other files).

You can test your SWF file by dragging it into the middle of whatever browser you have open. If the file starts playing in the browser, that usually indicates that it will work in Weebly.

Adding Flash to Your Site

To get started:

  1. Go to the Multimedia section of the Build sidebar and drag the Flash element to your page.
  2. Once you have the element where you want it, click the upload area that appears on the screen:
  3. Clicking on the upload area will bring up the SWF popup. You can use the Upload New File button to upload the file and then set the width, height, alignment, and specify padding for the top and bottom of the Flash element.

    If your Flash file specifies a width and height, Weebly will automatically adopt these figures and apply them to your image.

If the file does not play, that usually means the SWF file is not basic enough to use with Weebly. Unfortunately, this means you will need to use a different file.

Advanced Options

The advanced options of Weebly primarily serve to allow you to pass Flash variables if your image requires them. For example, you may require Flash variables if you are an affiliate and your provider has supplied you with Flash-based banners. You may also require Flash variables if you are a programmer and need to have certain information in your Flash program.