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How to use the HD Video Element in Weebly

Weebly's HD Video element is available in the Weebly Pro for $10.49/month and Weebly Business upgrade for $26.24/month. For more information on how to upgrade, check out this article:

Here are the features of Weebly's HD Video element:

  • You can directly upload videos to your website.
  • The video will be displayed on an unbranded media player. It will give your site a streamlined and professional feel to it. 
The HD video element can be found in the Media section of the Build sidebar.

How to Add a Video Element

To add an HD video to your page: 

  1. Drag and drop the HD Video element on your page. 

    Weebly HD video button

  2. Click on the HD video element to see the options.

    Weebly HD video element

  3. Once clicked, another pop-up menu will appear where you can see the following options:

    HD element options

  • Upload video. This section is where you will choose the file for upload. When a video is uploaded, the video will be automatically encoded for optimal playback.
  • Video Downloadable. It gives you the option to whether allow your site visitors to download the video.
  • Alignment. You can set where you'd like the video to show on your website.
  • Size. It allows you to adjust the size of your HD video player.
  • Spacing. It is where you can set the top and bottom margins for the element.

File Size Limit

Bandwidth. There is no restriction in place for the bandwidth or amount of space. 

Regular Files. The maximum file size per file is up to 250MB. It applies to images, text files, PDF, etc. 

Videos. The maximum file size per video is up to 1GB.