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XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are designed to provide search engines like Google and the Bing Network with a list of a website's pages to include in search results. The Google-developed XML Sitemap is the most commonly recommended sitemap format. An XML Sitemap can be submitted directly to search engines to speed up your website's indexing and should subsequently be updated and resubmitted regularly.

Benefits of a Sitemap

Website crawling programs, such as spiders and robots, normally discover the pages of your site through inbound links from other sites as well as links from within your site. By providing an XML Sitemap, search engines are provided with a ready-made list of your site's pages, allowing them to spend more time indexing your site rather than searching for it.

Once you have submitted an XML Sitemap, search engines such as Google, the Bing Network, and others will more readily crawl and index your website. Most website owners see a change in page ranking within days!

How to create an XML Sitemap

There are several XML Sitemap generators available online that are free of charge. The following XML Sitemap generators are the most commonly used:

In addition to these online generators, several more services across the internet allow you to create and generate a properly formatted XML Sitemap directly to search engines, such as Google and the Bing Network, with a single click.