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Upgrading or Downgrading Servers

Same Hosting Type - No Server Change Required

No server change is required when you switch plans of the same type, as indicated in the table below.

Account TypeSwitch between PlansServer Change?
Linux SharedHatchling, Baby, Business
Windows SharedPersonal, Enterprise
ResellerAluminum, Copper, Silver

Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000
Snappy 8000

DedicatedValue, Power, Enterprise

For cases listed above:

  • Name servers and IP addresses will NOT need to change.
  • SSL and other custom software will NOT need to be reinstalled.
  • Site content will NOT need to be transferred.

Of course, if you order a dedicated IP or a new SSL separately, those will change and/or be installed per your request.

New Hosting Type - Server Change Required

Any time you switch types of hosting, a server change will be required. For example:

  • If switching between Shared, Reseller, and VPS plans, there is a server change.
  • If switching to or away from any Dedicated hosting plan, there is a server change.
  • If moving to or away from a Windows Shared plan, there will be a server change.

This means the name servers and IP address will change; SSL and other custom software will need to be reinstalled, and you will need to transfer your site content. These changes cannot be circumvented.

Visual Chart

This chart will provide a visual representation of which plans require or don't require a server change when upgrading/downgrading accounts. 


- Requires no server change; thus, no content transfer.

- Requires a server change.



Windows Shared
Linux Dedicated
Windows Dedicated

Are you considering the price you have to settle for upgrading the services? Check out the article below.