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What is Scalable Shared Hosting?

HostGator is improving our product line with Scalable Shared Web Hosting. Our new shared hosting product expands upon the traditional shared web hosting platforms that allow for scalability in power and storage to keep your websites running quickly and efficiently.

Discover an upgraded product line as HostGator introduces Scalable Shared Web Hosting, revolutionizing traditional shared web hosting platforms. This innovative hosting solution brings scalability in power and storage, ensuring your websites run efficiently and seamlessly.

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Benefits of Scalable Shared Web Hosting

Unlock the following advantages with our new Scalable Shared Web Hosting plans:

  • Effortless server maintenance - Let us handle server maintenance while you focus on your website and daily business operations.
  • Hassle-free website security - Choose from a range of website security options to safeguard your websites and customers.
  • Worry-free hosting performance - Benefit from 24/7 website monitoring by HostGator for consistent and reliable hosting performance.
  • User-friendly dashboard - Monitor your websites through our intuitive dashboard and receive valuable tips for improvement.
  • Easy upgrades - Upgrade your plan with a few clicks within your Customer Portal to access additional storage, website hosting functions, or CPU resources.


Scalable Web Hosting vs. Traditional Shared Hosting

Experience the difference with Scalable Web Hosting!

Scalability & Power - Unlike traditional shared hosting plans, Scalable Web Hosting allows your website to grow based on demand. Easily upgrade to higher tiers for increased power (CPU) and storage resources, eliminating the need for costly dedicated servers.


Transitioning to Scalable Shared Web Hosting

Answers to common questions about transitioning to the new plans:

  • Existing hosting plan transition - All existing shared web hosting customers will be seamlessly transitioned to the new Scalable Shared Web Hosting plans upon plan renewal. Receive a renewal notification before the change, ensuring a smooth upgrade with no configuration or migration changes and no service interruption.
  • Usage limits - Track your site's performance and resource usage within your Customer Portal. Temporary speed reductions may occur if CPU resources are exhausted. Upgrade your plan for enhanced stability and performance. Receive email notifications and optimization guidance to restore performance and avoid upgrades if possible.


Hosting Plan Tiers and Pricing

- Hatchling Baby Business Pro*
Storage 10GB 20GB 40GB 100GB
CPU time 1 2 3 5
Price - 1 month** $17.99 $21.99 $27.99 $34.99
Price - 3 months** $44.97 $62.67 $80.97 $101.97
Price - 6 months** $83.94 $118.74 $155.94 $197.94
Price - 12 months** $143.88 $203.88 $263.88 $347.88
Price - 24 months** $263.76 $383.76 $503.76 -
Price - 36 months** $359.64 $539.64 $719.64 $971.64


* Pro hosting plan is only available during the purchase process.
** All prices shown above are renewal prices after the discounted signup terms have ended.

What happens when I reach the limits on my usage?

Within your Customer Portal, we will provide your recent usage information so that you can easily track how your site is performing and using resources. Should your site exhaust available CPU resources, to ensure the stability and performance of your website, we will temporarily reduce its speed. This will help your website stay online and serve your visitors while also giving you time to upgrade your plan to a higher level. A speed reduction is only a temporary measure, and it will be lifted as soon as you upgrade your plan or your website’s demand decreases. To proactively prevent this from happening, you can follow the steps in the following article.

What if my account is larger than the new plans?

If the hosting account is larger than any of the scalable hosting planes you may be moved into the oversized tiers HostGator has created, that have more than 100 GB of storage. These tiers are designed to accommodate our existing customers who are moving over from our legacy Shared hosting plans, these plans will not be for sale, or upgraded via Customer Portal.

Additionally, we’ll notify you via email and provide guidance on optimization options that may allow you to restore performance and avoid needing to upgrade.

Scalable Shared Hosting Oversize Plans

- Pro Hosting Plans
Name Pro 150* Pro 200* Pro 250*
Storage 150GB 200GB  250GB
CPU Time 5 5 5
Price - 1 Month $39.99 $47.49 $54.99
Price - 12 Months $34.99/month $41.49/month $48.99/month
Price - 24 Months $32.99/month $40.49/month $47.99/month
Price - 36 Months $31.99/month $39.49/month $46.99/month

Note*Pro Hosting Plus Plans are not available for purchase. They are only available if the customer exceeds the limitations on the Pro Plan.

Elevate your hosting experience with HostGator's Scalable Shared Web Hosting today!

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