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What is Application Scanning?

What is it?

Application scanning will analyze the applications you've installed on your website against known vulnerabilities. As application versions age, such as Joomla! 1.0 or WordPress 3.0, they become further vulnerable to compromise allowing attackers to exploit them. Therefore, developers of these applications release new versions with these flaws patched. It is critical that your applications are updated to avoid any vulnerabilities being exploited resulting in defaced or damaged websites. SiteLock compares your application version against catalogs of vulnerabilities to ensure you are running the safest versions on your site.

What vulnerabilities does the Application Scan look for?

The application scan analyzes your open source applications (Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal) against a large database of known vulnerabilities. It looks for outdated core applications, themes, and plugins, as well as vulnerabilities in current versions.

How does SiteLock protect me?

SiteLock's scans will identify applications you have installed and which version you have. These results are compared to industry and proprietary lists to determine the security of your installation. If a vulnerability is discovered during this analysis, it is reported to you immediately by email, allowing you to upgrade and secure your site.

What can I do about it?

Make sure any applications you use, as well as their themes and plugins are updated each time security patches are released. Take advantage of automatic updates and Managed WordPress type plans wherever possible. Use a website scanning service that includes Application vulnerability scans, such as SiteLock Find, Fix, or Prevent plans.