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Weebly Tutorial and Walkthrough Part 1

You can create a fantastic website using Weebly. In the following tutorial, we will show you how to get started with your website by choosing a theme, customizing your layout, setting up text and uploading images.

To get started creating your website:

  1. Using the Theme tab, choose a theme that closely represents the type of layout and color scheme you wish to have on your website.
  2. After selecting a theme, modify the default image:
    1. Select the default header image, click Edit Background.
      • You can also select Replace Header Image to apply a different header look.
    2. From the popup, pick from the following:
      • Image - Select Replace to use a different image from the library of free images or to upload your own. Click Edit for the image editor toolbar to apply effects such as zoom, blur, darken, and filters. Click Save to return.
      • Color - Use the color picker or set a HEX color for the header.
      • Gradient - Set two colors to blend into a gradient background.
      • Video - Select from various free videos or upload a MOV, WMV, M4V, MPG, or MP4 file that is under 1 GB in size.
    3. To edit the text, select Click Here to Edit to bring up the text toolbar.
  3. Change the website title bar.
    • Click Blank Title to bring up the toolbar.
    • Select Off to remove the title bar; Text to type a title, or Logo to use an image.
    • When on, the title bar will appear on all pages.
    • Change the site title in the Settings Tab.
  4. In the Pages Tab, you can give the page a fitting name and add more pages if you'd like. Click Done to save and return to the page you're working on.
  5. Create content on your page by using the Build tab.
    • Drag and Drop elements such as Title, Text, or Image to start building the page.
    • You can add links, by highlighting text and clicking the link button in the popup.
    • You can add additional titles, paragraph or images to your page by dragging and dropping them from the sidebar.