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Viewing all Your Hosting Accounts in WHM

The following video demonstrates how to access, view and modify hosting accounts inside of WHM.

Access WHM

WHM can be accessed by entering any of the URLs listed below in your browser's address bar, replacing yourIPaddress and yourdomainname.com with the actual values:


Login with the username and password found in the welcome email you received from HostGator.

View All Accounts in WHM

From the left navigation menu, click on Account Information > List Accounts. Alternately, you could also click the Account Information icon from the center of the main page. This will show a list of accounts within your WHM account.

The List Accounts page shows:

  • Domains listed on the account
  • cPanel icon for each account (to log in as the root owner)
  • IP address assigned to each cPanel
  • Username assigned to each cPanel
  • Contact email address associated with each account
  • Date when the account was setup in WHM.
  • Partition the account is on
  • Quota (disk space) allocated to account
  • Disk space used so far
  • Package the account was assigned to when created in WHM
  • cPanel theme
  • Reseller/owner name of each account

Modify Accounts in WHM

While still on the List Accounts page, if you click the + sign to the left of each domain name, the following modifications can be made simply by clicking on the corresponding Change button:

  • Change cPanel Password
  • Change Contact Email
  • Change Quota
  • Change Plan (package)
  • Modify Account allows you to make changes to individual account attributes such as primary domain, username, cPanel theme, email accounts, etc.