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SQL Injection - Database Vulnerability


What is SQL Injection?

An SQL injection is an extremely damaging attack in which hackers will attempt to access information stored in your databases, such as customer data or user IDs and passwords. SQL is the language used by the majority of databases. Most SQL Injection (SQLi) attacks occur on MySQL databases frequently used by applications like Joomla and WordPress. Attackers exploit SQLi vulnerabilities by inserting malicious SQL commands into your website through open fields like insecure contact forms. These commands can be used to gain unauthorized access to your database to steal credit card information customer data or delete and modify content.

What is the impact?

This type of attack can be devastating for a website. SQLi attacks can result in data theft, vandalized websites, or the insertion of unauthorized administrators -- allowing cybercriminals to launch prolonged attacks on the victimized site.

How does SiteLock protect me?

The SiteLock SQLi scan analyzes your website for possible SQL Injection vulnerabilities or places on your site where attackers could inject malicious commands.

SiteLock offers a comprehensive solution that can help prevent compromises and quickly recover if it does happen. Because we know the importance of website security, HostGator is happy to provide a special offer for customers interested in SiteLock:

If any vulnerabilities are detected, you will be notified via email. The SiteLock Expert Services team is available to assist with remediating these vulnerabilities.

What can I do about it?

Taking a proactive approach to website security by keeping website applications and their themes and plugins updated is an important first step to preventing SQL Injection attacks. It is also essential to carefully consider all third-party plugins on your site to ensure they are necessary to the site's features and functionality. Additionally, it is recommended to use a website scanning service that includes SQL injection scans, such as SiteLock.

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