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Site Building Software

One way to build a website is by using a site building program, such as our HostGator Website Builder. A site building program attempts to simplify creating a website by hiding much of the underlying coding that is required to make a website. For example, instead of writing HTML to create your website, you use the site building software to create pages, add text to pages, drag and drop components onto the page, all without having to know any coding. Site building programs are ideal for people who do not know coding, and want a simple website.

HostGator is compatible with a variety of site building software, some of which are included free.

Site Building ProgramCompatibleIncludedWhere to FindAvailability
HostGator Website BuilderPortal IconLinux Shared
WeeblycPanel iconLinux Shared
goMobi (for mobile sites)Paid
cPanel iconLinux Shared
Parallels Web Presence BuilderPlesk Control PanelWindows & VPS/Plesk
Trendy Site Builder*Trial
QuickInstallAll Plans with
Soholaunch Pro EditionTrial
PleskAll Plans with Plesk


*Trendy offers a free 10-day trial version; however, an upgrade to the Lite Version is available for free after the trial version has been installed.
  1. In the Admin area of Trendy, click Upgrade Now!
  2. On the next page, under Trendy Site Builder Lite Version, click Free! Click Here!
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to receive your free license.

This is not a complete list of site building software available. Other software may be compatible.

If you do not see what you want here, you may want to see the list of compatible content management systems, which are similar to site building software, but typically have more specialized features.

Advantages of using a site building program:

  • You do not need to know HTML, or any scripting language to create a website.
  • You can chose from a variety of templates/themes.
  • Ideal for simple sites that do not require customized coding.

Disadvantages of using a site building program:

  • You are limited to the functionality the site building program provides. This may limit you from adding some advanced features to your website.
  • You are limited to the themes and layout provided by the program.
  • Typically not easily transferable to a new web host or different account.

Need more advanced features?

If you need more advanced features, you may consider using a content management system, a shopping cart script or hiring a web designer, which would give you much more flexibility in the features and layout of your website.