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How to Use Web FTP / browser-based FTP

It is possible to use some file manager clients, such as the File Manager on any Windows PC.

Note: File managers on other operating systems (such as Linux or Mac) often have similar functionality, but with different implementation. For example, some file managers will not accept the password through the address bar.

How to use browser-based FTP (also known as WebFTP) on your Windows PC:

  1. Open My Computer (do NOT open Internet Explorer).
  2. Input one of the following URLs into your Address Bar, replacing the credentials listed with your account information:
    - or -
  • File Manager will not accept two @ symbols in the URL, meaning that you must replace the @ in your username with '%40' or '\%40' for additionally created FTP accounts or addon domain FTP accounts, like this:
    - or -
  • If you do not know your server address, the following article will provide information for how to locate it: