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How to Set Up an Anonymous FTP Welcome Message

Anonymous FTP access allows anyone to access a specified directory within your site, allowing unidentified visitors to download (and possibly upload) files on your website. Anonymous FTP creates the potential for a security hole for hackers and is not recommended.
An anonymous FTP  welcome message is displayed when an anonymous FTP user connects to an FTP account. This is usually good to inform users regarding news, updates, and copyright. To set up an anonymous FTP message, please do the following:

Configuring Anonymous FTP Welcome Message in cPanel

Note: Anonymous FTP cannot be used with a Hatchling or Baby plan.

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Files section, click the Anonymous FTP icon.

    cPanel Anonymous FTP

  3. Under Anonymous FTP, navigate to the Anonymous FTP Welcome Message section. 

    cPanel Anonymous FTP  Welcome Message

  4. Then click on Save.