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cPanel icon Settings via Feature Manager


The feature manager allows you to disable/enable icons inside each client's cPanel. Once you build a feature list, you should edit the client's package and add the new feature list.

Video Tutorial

How to set up a feature list

  1. Log in to your WHM.
  2. Look for the Packages section. The quickest way is by typing the keyword on the Search box on the left-side panel.

    HostGator - WHM Package Section

    Alternatively, you can use the Search box at the top.

    HostGator - WHM Search Tool

  3. Select Feature Manager.
    You can also manually locate and expand the Package section on the left-side panel, then click Feature Manager from the list.

    HostGator - WHM Feature Manager

  4. Type a new feature list name and hit the Add Feature List button.

    HostGator - WHM Add New Feature List

  5. Select all of the icons you want, and deselect all of the icons you don't want.

    Select features

  6. Hit the Save button.
  7. Congratulations! You successfully set up a feature list.

    HostGator - WHM Sucessfully Add New Feature

How to assign a feature list to a package

  1. To assign a feature list to a package, search Edit a Package in the left panel.

    HostGator - WHM Edit a Package Search

  2. Select the package name your domain uses, and then hit the Edit button.

    HostGator - WHM Edit Package Page

  3. Navigate to the Settings section. Click on the dropdown to show the available feature list.
  4. Select the new feature list name and click the Save Changes button.HostGator - WHM Select Feature List
  5. Now all domains which use that package will have the cPanel icons you selected.
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