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How to find and install Applications - Plesk


There are several free applications available for installation via the Plesk control panel. In this tutorial we will be installing Joomla which is one of the leading Content Management Systems.

Note: This example is using Plesk 10. The steps will be the same for other versions of Plesk, however, the button locations may be different.

1. Click on "Applications" tab
Applications Tab

2. Click on "All Available Applications"
             All Available Applications

3. Click on Web
User-added image

4. Scroll to find Joomla and then click on the Install button.
User-added image

5. A GNU Public license page will come up. Please read the license and check the  check box next to I accept the terms of License Agreement and click Next
User-added image

6. In the drop down box select the domain you want to install Joomla on and provide the directory name. You will access the application via this directory name after the installation.
User-added image

7. Provide a password and an Administrator's e-mail

8. In this instance, we will set the SMTP host as the localhost

9. Press the Install button.

10. Once installed you can access your application via the link which says Installed at provided in the final screen.
Joomla Installed