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How To Demo a Script Before Installing With Softaculous


You can use several applications to create a website, and you may find it confusing which among them you should use. Wouldn't it be awesome to view how a website would look before actually installing it? This article discusses how to use the demo functionality of Softaculous. We will use WordPress as an example.

  1. Log in to cPanel. There are two ways to access your cPanel.
    • Option 1: Access your cPanel directly.
    • Option 2: Access your cPanel via your Customer Portal.
      1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
      2. Click Hosting in the left-side menu.

        Customer Portal - Hosting menu

      3. If you have a single hosting package in your account, scroll down to the Quick Links section.

        If you have multiple hosting packages in your account, locate the hosting package you want to access on the Hosting Packages page, then click its Manage button.

        Hosting tab - Manage button

      4. Under the Quick Links section, click the cPanel button.

        Hosting menu - Quick Links - Launch cPanel

  2. Within cPanel, go to the Software section, then click on the Softaculous Apps Installer icon.

    cPanel - Softaculous App

  3. Select your preferred script from the categories on the left-hand menu.
    • You can use the search bar on the top left to look for the script you wish to use.
    • You can also click any of the script widgets.

      Softaculous - Script widgets

  4. On the script's page, select the Demo tab.

    Softaculous - Script's Demo Tab

  5. Softaculous will then launch its demo version.

    Launching Softaculous Demo version

  6. Once done, the page will show the scripts' demo version.

    Softaculous Scripts Demo Version

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