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How to Create Databases - Plesk


In Plesk, first we create a database, and then we create a user to access that database. Both steps are outlined below.

Note: These examples are using Plesk 10. The steps will be the same for other versions of Plesk, however, the button locations may be different.

Step 1: Create Database

1. Click Websites & Domains

Website &       Domains

2. Click on Databases


3. Click on Add new Database Icon

Add New Database

4. Fill in all the Database Name

New Database Information

5. Choose the Type of database and the database server

6. Click OK

Step 2: Create Database User

Once you create a database you must create a database user to do this please do the following:

1. Once the Database is created you will be automatically brought to the area to create the New Database User. Click on "Add New Database User" Icon:

Add New Database User

2. Fill in all the pertinent information such as "Database user name", "New password", "Confirm password", and "Database assignment", then hit OK:

3. Select the check box next to the database user name and click on the "Make Default for DB Webadmin" Icon

Make       Default Icon