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How to Clone an Installation with Softaculous

You may want to test or try out any upgrades or changes before applying them to your new installation. Softaculous has the option to clone your installation for this purpose. Follow the steps below to start cloning.

Some things to point out:
  • The clone functionality is only available on specific scripts, but Softaculous is working to add this feature to more scripts. Please see Softaculous's article on Clone Scripts for a current listing of scripts with the clone feature.
  • If you have installed an application manually in your HostGator account and want to use the Softaculous features, you will need to import that app into Softaculous. Check out the article How to Import WordPress or Apps into Softaculous for instructions on doing this.

Note: As of 4/5/22, Softaculous removed the clone feature for the SMF script due to major changes in the SMF 2.1.1 version. Softaculous is working on updating and re-releasing this feature again. If you'd like to monitor updates regarding the clone feature for SMF, please see the following Softaculous forum thread for more information - SMF Clone Option.

Clone Installation Using Softaculous

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Look for the Software section, then click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

    Softaculous App Installer

  3. Click the Installations box to view all installations.

    Softaculous All Installations

  4. Locate the installation you wish to clone.
  5. Click the Clone icon beside your website name.

    Clone Icon

  6. On the next page, you will find the clone installation details. Fill out the necessary fields.

    Clone Installation Details

    Choose Installation URL - Your installation URL will be the URL or web address where people can access the cloned WordPress site.

    (1) Choose Domain - Select the website name you wish to clone.

    (2) In Directory - Provide the directory name or location where the website files will be saved.

    (3) Database Name - This field is auto-filled. You may also go ahead and enter your preferred database name.
  7. Click Clone Installation at the bottom of the page. Make sure to consider the time of cloning, as the speed depends on the size of the installation.

    Softaculous Clone Install Button

    Once the cloning is done, Softaculous will provide you the website and admin URLs you can use to access this cloned installation.

  • The clone installation details will be sent via email (if enabled).
  • The login details (admin/user account) are the same as the source installation account credentials.
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