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How to Activate Weebly for a Domain or Subdomain


You can add Weebly to any of your domains or subdomains on your shared hosting account directly in cPanel. Weebly is not currently available on reseller, VPS, or dedicated servers yet.

By activating Weebly on a domain or subdomain, your Weebly website will replace any existing website you have there. If you have an existing site, please backup any files you want to keep before continuing.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal.
    • If you cannot remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link below the login area, then follow the instructions emailed to the primary email address on file.
  2. Click Hosting from the left-hand side menu.

    portal hosting menu

  3. Locate the hosting package in the listing, and click Manage.

    portal package listing

  4. In the Services section, click Add for Weebly.

    add weebly

  5. Next, select a domain from the dropdown list where you want to install Weebly.

    weebly domain setup

    If you don't see your domain or subdomain on the list, you need to point the domain or subdomain to HostGator and add them in your cPanel. For more information about creating an addon and subdomain, check out these articles:  How Do I Create and Remove an Addon Domain?  and  What is a Subdomain Name & How to Create One?
  6. Click the Complete Setup button.
  7. Once Weebly has been set up, a confirmation message will appear on top, notifying you of the successful install.

    weebly success message

Visit our Getting Started Guide for articles and videos on how to build your website with Weebly.