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Change Name Servers with Registry Rocket - eNom Resellers

eNom is a major domain registration company, and many other internet companies "resell" domains registered through eNom.

Registry Rocket is a tool that eNom provides to all of its resellers. Each reseller has a company-specific version of Registry Rocket they can use. (Many prefer to use their own website and connect to eNom through other means.)

To change the name servers at an eNom Reseller, you must visit that reseller's website and follow the links they provide.

While HostGator cannot modify name servers on your behalf at third-party registrars (including other eNom resellers), the steps below should help you change your name servers at a Registry Rocket interface for an eNom reseller.

HostGator is itself an eNom Reseller and has its own dedicated Registry Rocket gateway like other eNom resellers: HostGator registers domains with both eNom and our LaunchPad and has built a new website to manage domains purchased through HostGator: If you are unable to locate your HostGator domain at the above URLs, and it was registered through eNom, you can manage your domain at:

Step 1: Find out your hosting account information

The first step is to find out which name servers you should use for your HostGator hosting account.  This varies by server and type of hosting.  For instructions on how to find out your name servers, please read the article:

Step 2: Changing name servers

If the eNom reseller is using Registry Rocket, then the following directions will apply.

  1. Visit the website where you registered your domain.
  2. Find the link to manage your domain (it may be worded differently).

If this link takes you to Registry Rocket, the following directions will apply. If not, then the reseller uses his/her own domain control panel, and the directions may be significantly different.

  1. Log in to Registry Rocket (under Manage Your Domain).
  2. Click Login.
    • If your login is unsuccessful and you are unsure of the password, a link to request your password will appear.
  3. Scroll down to the DNS Information section and click Edit.
  4. For DNS Settings, select Custom (if not already selected).
  5. Remove any old name servers listed.
  6. Enter the name servers for your account.
  7. Click Save.

eNom resellers using API

When a reseller uses an API from eNom (instead of Registry Rocket), they have full control of their website and how it works. The flow and steps may vary drastically from reseller to reseller. Unfortunately, we cannot give step-by-step instructions for these types of eNom resellers. You will need to contact the reseller or review their help documentation for specific steps.

Find the eNom reseller for a domain

If you do not know which eNom reseller you purchased the domain from, sometimes that is listed in WHOIS searches. If this information is not available, you may have to contact eNom directly to find out which reseller your domain is registered with.

One place to look up WHOIS information for a domain is: