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Can I buy SSL from you for a non-HostGator hosting plan?

Yes, you can buy any of our SSL certificates from us, even if we are not your hosting company.

Keep in mind, for us to generate the SSL you will need to already have a CSR (certificate signing request) from your hosting company as this is vitally important to make sure the certificate will work.

To order your SSL certificate, please contact us via phone or chat with the following owner information for the domain in question (the domain owner, not the hosting account owner):

  1. Hostname: (The hostname is URL which you want for access to your secure SSL, ie: www.domain.com)
  2. Your email address (this is where we will send the completed SSL)
  3. First name (who the domain will be registered to)
  4. Last name
  5. Address (the physical address of the owner or business)
  6. City / State / Postal ZIP
  7. Country
  8. Organization / Business name
  9. Which type of SSL would you like? (You can see the differences between them here.)

For us to be able to process your order quickly, make sure you attach your CSR along with this check list.

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