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Are Your Servers PCI Compliant?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance

HostGator VPS and Dedicated servers support PCI compliance; however, they are not configured to do so by default. While PCI compliance is your (the merchant's) responsibility, HostGator is able to assist with some PCI compliance settings. We would be unable to guarantee PCI compliance as it requires you to be aware of your compliance and be capable of addressing the majority of compliance issues. Please note that our Shared and Reseller servers do not support PCI compliance at this time. 

VPS and Dedicated server customers must also regularly update server software in order to maintain compliance. Many software applications require regular updates in order to patch known vulnerabilities, which are not updated automatically on a VPS or Dedicated server.

If you need assistance with PCI compliance, you will need to request a scanning vendor to email you a report in PDF format and then contact us via phone or Live Chat to provide the report.

Please include the full PDF as an attachment. Information copy and pasted out of your report would not be sufficient.

When you accept credit cards online through a merchant account, some of the details of PCI compliance may be assisted with by your web host (HostGator), some are handled by your merchant account provider (payment processor), and some aspects are handled by you (the merchant).

For more details about PCI Compliance, including your responsibilities, please refer to our article: