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Advanced Image Editing in Weebly

Beyond simply allowing you to add an image to your web page, Weebly allows you to format images in various other ways to make them an interactive part of your website.

Advanced Image Toolbar

In the Advanced section of the image toolbar at the top of the screen, there are some additional formatting options. These options allow you to:

  • Modify margins around each side of your image
  • Specify alternative text for your image (for visitors whose browsers may not support images or visitors who are visually impaired)

Image Toolbar

In addition to the advanced formatting options available in the top image toolbar, there is another toolbar that appears when you click on the image itself. This toolbar contains tools to help make your image more interactive.

The Edit button on this toolbar is used to add special effects to your images. The remaining buttons allow you to add effects to your images as follows:

The Lightbox button will allow you to display a full sized version of your image when it is clicked.

The Link button will allow you to add a link to the image.

The Caption button will allow you to add a caption to the image.

The Trash button will allow you to remove the image(the image will be replaced with the default placeholder image).

There are even more advanced features available for editing images in Weebly. You can learn more by reading: