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A Quick Overview of the New SiteLock Dashboard


This article discusses what you will find in SiteLock's new Dashboard.

SiteLock will be launching its new dashboard at the end of June 2021.

New Navigation Menu

Users will find it easier to work their way around the new SiteLock dashboard. The Language selection, Support, Messages, and Logout button are now found in its left navigation menu.

SiteLock - Navigation Menu

Max Risk Score

Introducing the new feature of SiteLock - the Max Risk Score. SiteLock will show you which among your domain(s) has the highest security risks with this new feature.

SiteLock - Max Risk Score

Business Security Section

All product information at all levels of subscription is found in this section.

Business Security Section

Risk Score, Security Summary Report, and Trust Seal

These three features of SiteLock are now located in the Domain Statistics section of the new dashboard.

Domain Statistics Section

Product "Drill Down" Information

This new section shows SiteLock's features or "Product Cards."

Product Drill Down

Site Security Section

Users can view and track their site's security status in this section.

Site Security Section

Here is a video tutorial to get you started with SiteLock.