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HostGator Celebrates Success with Year-End Giving

After a successful year, shared hosting service provider HostGator shared its good fortune by giving gifts to fight cancer and to promote education in underdeveloped countries. The company gave $100,000 to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, and $25,000 to One Laptop per Child. The gifts were decided upon by HostGator management and staff.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 28, 2008 -- After another year of growth and rising revenues, HostGator decided to celebrate its good fortune by sharing with others, making significant contributions to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and to the international organization, One Laptop Per Child.

The Anderson Cancer Center received a gift of $100,000 and One Laptop per Child received $25,000.

"The gift to Anderson reflected a mix of the wishes of the staff here at HostGator and suggestions from our users," says HostGator president Brent Oxley. "It's pretty hard to find anybody whose life hasn't been touched in some way -- directly or indirectly -- by cancer. We gave to them, partly because we're located in Houston and some of our employees have had family members treated there, but mostly we gave because of their amazing country-wide reputation for treating patients and researching cancer cures."

The gift to One Laptop per Child was another easy decision, says Oxley: "If it wasn't for the internet and computers we wouldn't be in business. If just one of the kids can further their knowledge in computers and make a career out of it, in some shape or form, it will have been worth every penny."

The goal of One Laptop per Child is spelled out in its name: to improve the educational opportunities for children in underdeveloped regions by giving every child access to an inexpensive, durable, web-capable laptop. At $100 each, the gift from HostGator should provide at least 250 laptops.

At Anderson, one of the country's largest cancer treatment centers, HostGator's gift will go to support a variety of programs -- from research and clinical trials, to education, counseling and treatments.

Oxley says as HostGator continues to grow and earn profits, it will continue increasing the amount of its annual gifts.

"As a company, we expect to go on making charitable donations, and letting our people decide each year where our gifts should go," says Oxley. "We want the benefits of our success to go beyond our own narrow interests, so that's why we'll keep on doing it. Some other companies may donate for 'political' reasons, not because they really want to help -- but that's still good. Whatever the motives and whatever the amounts given, it all helps. The more corporate giving there is, the better."

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