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HostGator and CloudFlare Partner for Improved Security

HostGator partners with CloudFlare to improve website performance, provide more security, and reduce server load.

Houston, TX (TheHN) September 28, 2010 -- HostGator.com, a leading web hosting provider, has announced on Monday that it is in a premier partnership with CloudFlare, a cloud-based service that provides performance capabilities and advanced security tools, which were previously unavailable, to website administrators.

"CloudFlare is a win-win product. It not only provides an extra layer of website security protection and reduces server load, but it informs people who are spreading viruses around," said Dave Collins, CTO for HostGator.com. "CloudFlare is going to become popular very quickly."

CloudFlare works to improve website performance by caching site content on its proxy servers around the world. CloudFlare identifies malicious threats to web sites and is able to stop the attacks through the data it collects from Project Honey Pot as well as other third party sources.

"HostGator is a leader in the web hosting industry and believes that every customer deserves first-class quality hosting. It has been a pleasure working with them to extend performance and security tools previously reserved for the largest websites to any website," said Matthew Prince, CEO for CloudFlare. "CloudFlare is completely integrated in HostGator's control panel, which makes it one click simple for their customers."

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