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Zencart - managing banners

  1. Click on Tools, then on BANNER MANAGER
  2. To add a new one, click new banner from this page
  3. Specify the banner's status - active or inactive
  4. Next, should the banner open in a new window? If yes, then click yes.
  5. Do you want the ad to display on secure pages without errors? Click yes.
  6. Then give the banner a unique name
  7. In the next field, enter the URL for the banner
  8. You can add it to a group with the next field
  9. Click browse in the next field to find the image on your hard drive
  10. Select the sort order, and in the next two fields you can pick a start and end date for the banner display, or end the banner after impressions or views.
  11. Click insert, and the banner has been added.