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Zencart - how to add product attributes

  1. Click on catalog
  2. Then option name manager
  3. Enter the name of the new option list at the bottom
  4. How will they select product? user dropdown box to select.
  5. To add vaule, click on option values on the product options screen.
  6. Select the option from the drop down list below the list of attributes and create an option value (for example, you may select "color" in the dropdown box, and then in the field to the right type in orange)
  1. To add a new attribute, click on "Attributes controller"
  2. Select a category to display the product attributes
  3. The product's information will appear on screen; scroll down to add attributes
  4. Select an option name and value
  5. From here you can set defaults.
  6. You can add a second attribute here, for example, choosing color, but instead choosing red - you can choose to make this new option cost more or less, or give it other unique qualities