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Zencart - adding products

  1. Click catalog then categories/products
  2. Select a category for the new product, then click new product
  3. Specify stock..in or out, and a date available, you can specify the manufacturer, too.
  4. Give the product a name.
  5. The next 3 radio buttons determine the price
  6. Select the tax class, and enter the pre-tax price below.
  7. The next field will auto-fill with the tax-included price.
The quantity buttons below here are:
  • Product is virtual - select yes if the product isn't to be shipped (i.e, if the product is download), no if it is a more traditional product needing shipping
  • Always free shipping - select yes if the shipping should be free
  • Produces quantity box - yes shows the quantity remaining, no does not.
  • Scrolling down, are the quantity boxes and then a description field (HTML is enabled).
  • Following this is a field called "products quantity" - how many units are shipped at once when this is purchased.
  • Products model allows a model number to be displayed for this product.
  • Products image will let you browse your hard drive for an image. The URL field is for linking externally to an image.
  • If shipping is calculated by weight, enter that in the weight field.
  • Sort order shows the order in the list of products of this product.
Once complete, click on preview to preview, then click insert if the set up is acceptable.