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Workspace Overview - Dreamweaver CS6


Workspaces allow you to quickly and easily shift focus from one task to another in Dreamweaver and directly affect your workflow. If you constantly rearrange your workspace for specific tasks, consider creating a custom workspace for that task.

Dreamweaver CS6 allows users to create completely customizable workspaces. In this article, you'll discover how to take control of the Dreamweaver interface, take advantage of the default workspaces, and create and manage your own custom workspaces.

How to Customize Your Workspace

Dreamweaver panels can be customized by dragging and dropping tabs wherever you see fit. CS6 also allows user settings to be automatically saved upon the program being closed, preserving workspace settings for the next time the program is opened.

Preset Workspaces

CS6 offers 11 preset workspaces to choose from, which are completely adjustable to the user's preferences. These preset workspaces can be located in the dropdown Workspace menu located in the application toolbar (for Windows users, the application toolbar is located within the main menu bar; for Mac users, the application toolbar is docked beneath the menu).

Resetting Workspace Settings to Default

If you are dissatisfied with the workspace settings in Dreamweaver or if you wish to completely reconstruct your workspace, you can do this by doing the following:

  1. In the application toolbar, click on the Designer dropdown menu.
  2. Select Reset Designer.

If the application toolbar is not available, you can alternatively:

  1. Go to the Window menu.
  2. Select Workspace.
  3. Choose Reset Designer.

Getting Started with Dreamweaver CS6

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