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WordPress Themes

One of the greatest features WordPress has to offer is themes. These pre-designed and pre-coded templates can be easily uploaded and enabled on your site. WordPress and its community of developers have created thousands of different WordPress themes with unique characteristics, styles and layouts.

We recommend making a backup of your WordPress from within the WordPress dashboard before adding or activating a new theme. For instructions on how to backup WordPress, please refer to the following WordPress article:

Risks of Third Party Themes

As WordPress themes are developed by third party personnel, the usage and implementation of such themes is solely at your own risk. Importing a theme which is outdated, incompatible with your WordPress installation or has improper coding can result in many unwanted errors, such as:

  • Disabled access to your WordPress dashboard
  • Issues viewing your site completely
  • Damaged databases
  • Damaged site content

Additionally, some resource intensive themes may cause CPU usage issues which can lead to 500 Internal Server Errors and even a suspension of your website for excessive CPU usage.

HostGator Third Party Support
HostGator does not support the use of any third party software, including WordPress themes and plugins. Though we may have recommendations, we cannot endorse their overall functionality. Should you find that a theme is malfunctioning, please contact the developer.

For more information on HostGator scope of support, please refer to the following article:

Removing a Theme

If you encounter any issues after installing a theme, don't worry. HostGator can still help you remove the theme; however, we may not be able to repair the damage which may have been incurred from activating the theme.

To change your WordPress theme back to the default:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Appearance >Themes.
  3. Navigate to the bad theme and click the the Delete link.

If you are not able to remove the theme through your WordPress dashboard, you can alternatively remove WordPress themes with database access as detailed in the Themes Issue section of the following article:

If you are still having issues removing a theme, please contact us via phone or Live Chat.

Direct support from WordPress for themes is available at the following link: