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Windows Shared Spam Filtering

The Plesk control panel uses SmarterMail for mail access and management. Spam filtering in your HostGator Shared Windows environment is handled individually in your SmarterMail client for each email account.

The integrated filter checks for certain likely indicators that the message is spam and assigns each factor a numerical value of 0, 5 or 10. (Failing an SPF check, for instance, has a value of 10.) Using default settings, 14 gets the word "SPAM" added to the message's Subject line, while any message scored 15 or higher is moved to your Junk E-Mail Folder. However, you may customize your own spam filter settings for each account.

Note: Although the instructions and screenshots below are for SmarterMail 11, the same steps can be followed for those using SmarterMail 15.

If you are using an earlier version of SmarterMail and need assistance please contact HostGator support.

Managing Spam Settings In SmarterMail

To manage your spam settings:

  1. Log into each mail account individually to manage settings for that account.
    The easiest way to log into your account is typically by directing your broser to http://webmail.domain.com, substituting your domain name for "domain.com." For more information on accessing your mail account, see the following article:
  2. Open the Settings (the Gear icon on the left.)

  3. Select "My Settings" and then "Filtering" (by clicking the  for each.)
  4. Under 'Filtering" select 'Spam Filtering."
  5. Under "Options" select "Override spam settings for this account."

  6. Under "Actions" you may select how you would like potential spam messages to be handled. You may choose "No Action,""Delete Message,""Move to Junk E-Mail Folder" or "Add Text to Subject."


Note: To manage spam settings for a complete domain, please contact us via phone or Live Chat for assistance from our Windows administrators who can alter settings for you on a per-domain basis.