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Windows Shared - Creating a Subdomain

OH SNAP! This article has been deprecated.

We got you covered! Please visit the article How to Add and Manage Domains & Subdomains in Plesk to know more about domains and subdomains.

All Windows Shared packages can host unlimited subdomains. Here are instructions for creating a new subdomain:

  1. Log into your Plesk control panel. In the "Websites & Domains" section, select "Add New Subdomain."

  2. In the following panel, enter the name for the new subdomain.

    Note: The 'Document root" field is automatically populated based on the subdomain name you entered. We recommend you leave this setting as is unless you are an advanced user and wish to have this pull from a uniquely named folder.
  3. Click OK to create the new subdomain. You should then be returned to the "Websites & Domains" section and receive a notification that the subdomain was created.

    The subdomain is now available for use.
If you experience any issues in attempting to add a subdomain, please contact us via ;phone or chat for additional assistance.