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Windows Basics, Getting Started

Our solution for Windows hosting is here. You will choose Windows if your website specifically needs it, say for ASP.NET functionality.

Windows Server orders are handled the same as Linux. You can purchase a Windows server from our website.

3040 Xeon = 1.86 GHz per core
3210 Xeon = 2.13 GHz per core
3360 Xeon = 2.83 GHz per core

All Windows servers include management with the price.

Site preview URL: https://serverip:8443/sitepreview/http/domain.com/
Plesk Login page. https://serverip:8443/
Plesk Username: admin
Webmail: http://webmail.domain.com
Pop/Smtp Server: mail.domain.com

The operating system (OS) is Windows Server 2016.

The control panel is not cPanel. Instead we provide Plesk Onyx. An official site about Plesk.