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Widget Browser Updates - Dreamweaver CS5


In Dreamweaver CS5.5, the Widget Browser is included in the installation along with updates to help make use of Dreamweaver smoother. Widget Browser updates include import-export options for widget presets and drag and drop features that embed widgets quickly and easily.


Access the Widget Browser

To access the Widget Browser:

  1. Go to the Extend Dreamweaver menu in the Dreamweaver application toolbar.
  2. Select the Widget Browser.

Import, Export, or Delete Widgets

The Widget Browser now features Delete, Import, and Export buttons to help users better manage widgets and widget presets.

Note: The Import and Export buttons are for the import and export of widget presets placed into an XML file rather than importing or exporting entire widgets.

Drag and Drop Widgets

CS5.5 allows for the dragging and dropping of widgets directly from the Widgets Browser to the webpage.

To drag and drop a widget onto a page:

  1. Click on the page (in Design View) to set the cursor where the widget's destination.
  2. Go to the Widget Browser.
  3. Click on the widget to configure it.
  4. Select a preset.
  5. Go to the Drag and Drop (hand-shaped) icon.
  6. Drag and drop the icon in the desired location on your page.

For more information on the Widget Browser, please read the following article:

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