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Why Web Hosting is Like an Art Store - An Analogy

One way to look at web hosting is that it is similar to an art store.  An art store provides you paint, brushes, canvases, and other tools you need to paint a painting, however the art store does not paint the painting for you.  You select the tools you want to use and purchase them from the art store, and then use those tools to build your website.  Or hire a painter to paint a picture for you.

Similarly, a web hosting company, like HostGator, provides you a variety of tools that you can use to build your website, such as a server and web space where you can upload your website, control panels that make it easy for you to configure your web hosting account, and even gives you the ability to install scripts like WordPress or use one of our many site building solutions.  However, the web host does not actually build your website.  You can choose to built it yourself using the many tools provided or hire a web designer to develop your website for you.

HostGator specializes in providing you the tools you need to build your website.  But just like an art store, HostGator does not actually build the site for you.  That is your creative space, allowing you to build your dream website, any way you choose to do so with the tools available.