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Why HTML5 Changes Everything - Video Interview


Dimitrios Kontarinis, Vice President of Innovation, Velti

mobiThinking interviews Dimitrios Kontarinis about the impotance if HMTL5.

Topics Covered in this Video

  • What impact will HTML have on mobile?
  • Is HTML5 the "golden bullet" for delivering an app-like experience?
  • What about people with older handsets that don't support HTML5?
  • Does HTML5 make detecting the visitor's access device more or less important?
  • Can you give examples of great HTML5 mobile sites?
  • What will a mobile site look like in 5 years time?

Velti (NASDAQ: VELT) is a provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology for brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators, and media groups. In 2010, Velti used its platform to run more than 2,700 campaigns for more than 825 brands, advertising agencies and mobile operators worldwide.