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Why Choose HostGator?


HostGator isn't only known for its top-notch Live Support and excellent Customer Service. Here is a list out of all things awesome about HostGator:

  • Availability: You can contact us via phone or chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. HostGator's live support is second to none and is there to help whenever something goes wrong or you need additional help.
  • Extensive Services: Here at HostGator, you'll find a comprehensive list of special services, including website migrations, custom web design, and SEO Services.
  • Hardware: Our servers offer the hardware needed to host your site, whether all you need is a shared server with a single domain or an entire dedicated server to meet your needs.
  • Software: Your site needs the best software, and our administrators maintain up-to-date installations across our servers to ensure the most functionality and software security.
  • Compatibility: We ensure that our servers are compatible with various third-party software and services.
  • Easy Development: You can access multiple quick and easy web development options. With us, you have access to Softaculous for the fastest and easiest installation of a large variety of custom scripts such as WordPress, and Website Builder for drag-and-drop web design, all from inside of your cPanel so that you can have a website up and running in minutes.

Can you guarantee my hosting will work?

What HostGator can guarantee is 99.9% server uptime and a 30-day trial with your money back if your needs are unmet. While our money-back policy is only available for new signups and does not apply to Dedicated hosting purchases, you can still enjoy our hosting plans' introductory offers.

Please visit the following article for more information on our uptime and network guarantee.

With our wide array of hosting plans, you will find a package that will suit your needs and enjoy many perks, such as a domain of your own! Start your business and get ahead of your competitors by signing up now!

Still not sure ...?

HostGator also provides signup discounts. You will want to give it a go with our feature-packed hosting plans and design services. We are confident that you'll love your hosting!

Get more bang for your buck and maximize your purchase when you sign up for more years for your hosting plan. The more years you choose during signup, the more you save!

Want to compare our different hosting plans and prices? Please visit this page.

Renewal prices, you say? Here is a complete list of our hosting renewal prices.

Curious now?

HostGator offers these outstanding hosting plans at excellent price points!

If you have questions, HostGator's sales team is here to help! Please contact us via phone or chat so we can assist you!