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What is Red Hat?

Founded in 1993

RedHat is an enterprise-level software and programs management company which specializes in open-source Linux projects. Those projects include patching and backporting software as well as updating components of older systems without updating the major functions of that version. Red Hat is essential to a cluster of large companies because they provide essentials materials that ensure the performance of operating systems, applications, middleware and a host of other necessities.

What is backporting?

Backporting software is the effort of taking information from a newer version of a software or component, and then porting (adding) that data into an older version of the same type of software; giving it modern or updated functionalities.

Backporting allows for older versions of a specific type of software to operate with newer features and even older versions.

Since all HostGator shared and reseller accounts are running on the CentOS environment, this means you might see an older version of software running that is entirely compliant and operates the same as the newer version.

The reason you shouldn't worry when using these types of software is that CentOS frequently receives patches to known vulnerabilities by the Red Hat group. When Red Hat discovers a potential risk or update requirement, they specialize in implementing that change to the technology they offer.