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What is my EPP Code or Authorization Key?

An EPP code, also known as an EPP key, is an authorization key provided by your current registrar during your domain's registration. This unique code provides an extra layer of security when transferring a domain AWAY from its current registrar. Suppose you are transferring your domain's registration to a new registrar. In that case, you must contact your current registrar to obtain your domain's EPP code (also known as authorization key, auth code, or transfer key). Please note that the directions for getting the EPP codes vary depending on your registrar.

The Internet Corporation coordinates all domain management for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and specific rules are in place for transferring domains between registrars. These are viewable on ICANN's site (this external link will open in a new tab):

These rules state that the EPP code may be sent only to the email address listed in the publicly available WHOIS record for that domain.

Per Section 2.1.3 in the document above, authorization can only be given by the Administrative Contact (termed by ICANN the "Transfer Contact") and requires:

"Consent from an individual or entity that has an email address matching the Transfer Contact email address."


I want to transfer my domain

The first step you should take when transferring your domain to a new registrar is to identify your current registrar. There are many domain lookup tools online that you can use to find out your domain's current registrar. Examples are https://www.whois.com/ or https://lookup.icann.org/. If you purchased your domain from HostGator, you would usually see the registrar as Launchpad, Inc. You will find your domain name in your HostGator Customer Portal.

If your domain was purchased from another registrar and you are interested in transferring your domain TO HostGator, we can help you with the process! Please check out our article How Can I Transfer My Domain to HostGator?

If the domain is in your Customer Portal and you wish to transfer your domain AWAY from HostGator (to a new registrar), please refer to our support guide How to Transfer my Domain Away from HostGator for detailed instructions.


How to Request Your EPP Code

If you are transferring your domain AWAY from your HostGator account, you can initiate the process through your Customer Portal. Please make sure to prepare your domain before doing so. Check out the following article for detailed instructions.

To request your EPP code:

  1. Log in to your HostGator Customer Portal.
  2. Click Domains from the left-hand side menu.

    Customer Portal - Domains

  3. Locate your domain from the list.
    • If you have a single domain in your account, you will be redirected right away to the Domain Overview page.
    • If you have multiple domains in your account, you can do the following:

      In Advanced view:

      1. Click the domain or click the domain's vertical ellipsis icon on the far right, under the Actions column.

        Advanced View - Multiple domains

      2. Select Manage.

      In Summary view:

      Locate the domain and click its Settings button.

      Summary View - Multiple domains

  4. On the domain management page, go to the Transfer or Move Domain section.
  5. Click the Request Auth Code button under Transfer to a new registrar.

    Domains - Request Auth Code

  6. Select a reason from the dropdown why you want to transfer out the domain, then click Continue.

    Select a reason for the transfer.

  7. In the next pop-up window, select whether you want to connect your domain's DNS yourself, if you will be requesting assistance from our Support team, or if you want to continue with the domain transfer right away.

    Connect domain

  8. If you select Setup Host Records, you will be redirected to the ADNS editor section of your Customer Portal.

    If you select Chat with an Expert, you will be prompted to have an open chat session, so our Support team can assist you.

    If you select Continue with Transfer, a prompt will be displayed listing more details about the domain transfer process. Click the Send Auth Code button to proceed.

    Send Auth Code

  9. Once the process is complete, you will receive the EPP code (auth code) via email. As a security measure, it may take up to 3 days for you to receive the EPP code.
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