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What are SmarterTools?

SmarterTools is a group of Enterprise-Class products (such as SmarterMail) to increase your servers' efficiency and productivity. At this time, Windows Dedicated Servers prior to July 2019 include a SmarterBundle License provided by SmarterTools, which includes a license for SmarterMail, SmarterStats, and SmarterTrack.

We start you on the Professional version of SmarterMail (250 users), SmarterStats (50 sites), and SmarterTrack (2 agents). You may upgrade to increase those numbers, or you may upgrade to have the Enterprise license.

Professional vs. Enterprise

Enterprise gives you additional features such as throttling, the ability to purchase active sync licenses, SMTP prioritization, and much more. To read about the features of each product, please click the links below.

Here are the monthly fees for the SmarterTools software.

SmarterMail EditionMonthly Fee
Professional - 250 Users$15
Professional - 1000 Users$40
Professional - Unlimited Users$60
Enterprise - 250 Users$40
Enterprise - 1000 Users$60
Enterprise - Unlimited Users$100


SmarterStats EditionMonthly Fee
Professional - 50 Sites$15
Professional - 250 Sites$40/
Professional - 1000 Sites$75
Enterprise - 50 Sites$40
Enterprise - 250 Sites$80
Enterprise - 1000 Sites$125


SmarterTrack EditionMonthly Fee
SmarterTrack Pro - 2 Agents$15
SmarterTrack Pro - 5 Agents$30
SmarterTrack Pro - 10 Agents$60
SmarterTrack Enterprise - 5 Agents$50
SmarterTrack Enterprise - 10 Agents$80


To request a specific SmarterTools license, please contact us via phone or chat.

Note: The upgrade form mentions Professional (250 users) for $15 per month. This $15 per month is the cost to purchase the license for a server that does not already have SmarterMail Professional (250 users) or if the latest version of Smartermail is desired.
For support requests and further information about SmarterTools, please contact us via phone or chat.