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Weebly Audio Player

Weebly's Audio Player element is a premium feature that is available with the Weebly Pro for $10.49/month and, Weebly Business upgrade for $26.24/month. For more information on how to upgrade, please see:

The Audio Player element allows you to easily embed music, podcasts or other audio files directly into your website. The audio player only uses HTML and will work perfectly on all computers, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and other mobile devices.

Embed an Audio Player on Your Page

You can find the Audio Player element in the Multimedia section of the Builder sidebar. Simply drag the element to the desired position on your page to get started.

Audio Player element

  1. Once you have added the audio player to your page, you can click anywhere in the element to open up the audio popup.
  2. Click Upload new File to select an audio file to upload.
    Note: The audio player can only read files in MP3 format. If your audio is in another format, you'll need to convert it.
    • You can use the audio popup to turn AutoPlay on or off (this is set to No [off] by default). If you turn AutoPlay on, the audio will begin playing as soon as a visitor opens the page.
  3. Give the file a few minutes to upload.
  4. Once the upload is complete, the player will expand to display the title of the audio and basic playback controls.
    The audio player controls in Weebly

You should now be able to play the file without any problems.