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Website Builder - How To View Traffic Statistics for your Website

To access your Website Builder Live page:

  1. Log in to Customer Portal.
  2. Click Hosting, then select Manage on the domain you want to access.

    HostGator Customer Portal Hosting Section

  3. Go to Website Builder and click on Manage.

    HostGator Manage Website Builder

  4. Select the website you want to access, and click Edit Website.

    HostGator Edit Website

  5. Click on Stats at the left pane of the screen. (Make sure your site is already Published) 

    HostGator Website Builder Stats

  6. The next page will show you the Stats of your Website.
Please note we're always working to improve our builder, so some videos may not look identical to your current editing experience. We will continue to update videos as we update the product.
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