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Web Page Stats Outside of cPanel?

Can I make my web statistics public or viewable by another person?

There are two methods for doing this:

Using Webalizer

We can create a symlink for Webalizer (only Webalizer) to example.com/stats. Please contact us via phone or Live Chat to request this service.


A custom installation of Awstats would allow you to view your stats from outside of cPanel. Please click the following link to expand directions for viewing Awstats from outside of cPanel:

To access Awstats outside of cPanel:

  1. Download the most recent release of Awstats here.
  2. Extract the contents of the file to your computer.
  3. Upload the /cgi-bin and /icon directories into the document root of the domain you wish to access your stats from using either File Manager or FTP.
    Example: The public_html directory is the document root for your primary domain.
  4. In the /cgi-bin directory, change the permissions of the awredir.pl and awstats.pl files to 755.
  5. Download the Awstats configuration file created by cPanel: /tmp/awstats/awstats.example.com.conf.
  6. Open this file with a text editor, locate the "DirIcons" line, and change it to DirIcons="/icon/".
  7. Upload the edited file to the /cgi-bin directory.
  8. You may now access your statistics at http://www.example.com/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?config=example.com
Note: It is highly recommended that you password protect the /cgi-bin folder so that only authorized users can access it.

Can I use my own web statistics program?

You may download the Raw Logs and insert those into your 3rd party web stats program.