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Viewing your Parked Domain Names in WHM

You can easily keep track of all the domain names parked on your server in WHM. This includes your own parked domain as well as your customers.

Your control panel interface may look or be organized differently than what is shown in this video above, depending on the WHM/cPanel version, theme, and operating system you are using. However, their functionalities should still be the same.

How to View the List of Parked Domains

  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. Search for the Account Information section (by clicking on Account Information on the WHM main screen or going to that section in the sidebar navigation).

    WHM search for Account information

  3. Click on List Parked Domains.

    List parked domains

  4. View all the parked domains in WHM.

    View parked domains

If desired, you can unpark them by clicking on UnPark next to each domain.